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Do Not Disturb Robe Set

Do Not Disturb Robe Set

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Help your pooch relax in total comfort with the Do not disturb dog robe set! This amazing 2-piece set includes a plush robe and eye mask that takes doggie pampering to the next level.

  • Machine-washable robe and mask made from ultra-soft microfiber
  • Adjustable hook & loop closure for a custom, secure fit
  • Available in fun colors and prints to match your dog's personality
  • Promotes relaxation and sleep for anxious or energetic dogs

First, drape the super-soft robe over your pup for spa-like comfort. Then slip on the matching eye mask to block out light and distractions. Your dog will drift into a blissful state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Give your furry BFF the gift of luxury downtime with this robe set. It's perfect for easing anxiety, calming energetic behavior, and helping dogs unwind fully. Treat your pup to some "me time" today!

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